Monday, September 10, 2012

our first camping trip

Vic and I returned to Los Angeles after a fantastic camping trip at Lake San Antonio with his awesome family. I've learned so much about his Mexican heritage (including that I need to learn Spanish) and am blessed to know that our future kids will have amazing role models in their Tia's and Tio's.

This was my first camping trip. Ever. In my life. I am officially addicted to camping. It's amazing! I loved being out in nature and not worrying about updating my twitter, tumblr, or facebook (I am a social media addict in need of help). I got to clear my head and Vic + I devoured the beauty of the land and had great conversations about the blessings that God brings. I learned about how much he loves fishing (and how good he is at it!) while star-gazing in his Tio's speed boat. This camping trip definitely opened up our relationship on newer levels of spiritual intimacy and honest praise.  We're now planning to have quarterly camping trips around Los Angeles and Orange County. I might even steal away and take my brother on a trip or two. I'm so excited!

The picture above is from the ride home from our trip-eroo. Usually, Vic and I take the 5 freeway route when we drive from Santa Cruz to LA. I asked him to take me on an adventure through the 101 (the historic "El Camino Real" road). We traveled through wine vineyards, golden mountains, beaches and ocean breezes, and visited iconic spots in California history. We watched waves rise up sandy shores, breathed in the sweet scent of strawberry fields, moo'd at cows, and ate ramen in Little Tokyo (we were so hungry by the time we were in downtown LA!). Victor also decided to show me that he does a spot on E-40 impression. I was reminded of how much I love being a California girl sharing my life with a fantastic California boy.

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